Success – Planning & Execution

Which one is important, planning, or execution?
Both planning and execution are essential. People stuck with 2 problems:
– Overthinking and making a perfect plan: planning is a prerequisite however it should be time-boxed. You can’t make a perfect plan for years, your plan won’t remain relevant.
– Execution without planning: however pro you are at a skill but without a plan, you can’t assure the win.

Timeboxing your planning phase and go ahead with execution is the key. And while you do execution, reality expose you with all the unknown which you haven’t thought of. So, for those unknown be ready and tackle in the execution phase. Don’t go again to planning if possible.

It is really crucial to do the switch at the right time between planning and execution for the success of the mission. And this timing is a skill that can be learned and improved upon based on practice and experiences.

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